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The essentials to creating a grazing table

Before we hop in our car and drive to the next event to create the next amazing grazing table, we ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS make sure we have everything packed that we need to make a grazing table.

You don't want to start creating your grazing table without the below items. We think that these are an essential part of putting together a lavish grazing table. Even down to the plastic bag that holds the cutlery.

Lets go through our list of grazing table necessities..

- Firstly, you want to make sure you have a table! Even if you don't provide it, the person you're setting it up for will need to have one.

- Tablecloth(s)

- Kraft paper/ wax paper. This is brown paper or wax paper that we lay down underneath the tableware and food. This is to make sure food does not leak through to the table and tablecloth.

- Tableware including but not limited to: cake stands, timber boards, marble serving trays, white ceramic serving trays, timber boxes, wooden bowls, terracotta bowls, gold cheese knives, forks, plates, napkins and spoons.

- Florals! We love using plenty of florals on all of our grazing tables, without them the table would be sad. You can go nuts with your florals! Or simply keep within a theme for your customers grazing table.

- Utensils - tongs, sharp knife, serving spoon, food safe gloves, tea towel, paper towels, garbage bags, business cards, plastic storage containers and antibacterial wipes. All of these items will help you set up your grazing table. We don't ever leave our garbage behind. At La Paparedda Catering - once we've finished setting up your grazing table, we take the garbage with us as you didn't make the wonderful mess!

Food includes but not limited to: 3 types of cured meats, assortment of gourmet cheeses including Tasmanian brie, baked ricotta, truffle pecorino, vintage cheddar, burrata, buffalo mozzarella, in season fruits, dried fruits, chocolates, nuts, artichokes, semi-sun dried tomatoes, olives, crackers, fresh crusty bread and much more.

- Plastic storage containers and cardboard boxes. These we leave behind so that once you're event has finished and you've cleared the grazing table, you can pack away all of our items left on the grazing table. We then come and pick up everything from you the next day.

Contact us today to discuss a grazing table for your next event!

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